Waterless Wash

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WATERLESS WASH is the synergy of an eco-waterless wash detailer and a silica-infused paint sealant combined into a rinseless wash. This product provides a high level of cleaning, lubrication, and sealant into a one step detailer. Leaves finish clear and streak-free. Formulated to add shine while it cleans.

  • Streak-free formula
  • No Water, No Hose, No Mess!
  • Eco-Friendly Waterless Washing Made Easy


Spray directly onto a dusty or mildly dirty vehicle. Using a high quality microfiber towel folded into eighths, wipe in a singular direction folding open to a new section with each subsequent pass. Once initial wipe down is complete, use a new, fresh towel to buff the paint to remove any excess material and bring to a high gloss.