Graphene Coating

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  • 5 Years of Durability >10H
  • Repels Water, Dust, & Dirt
  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Less Prone to Water Spots & Stains from Bird Droppings
  • Improves Scratch & Mar Resistance
  • Mirror-like Reflectivity
  • Hyperslick Surface
Gorilla Graphene Coating is a graphene-oxide infused Ceramic Coating that protects your vehicle from weathering, chemicals, physical abrasion and UV rays while repelling water, dirt, and other contaminants via a strong self-cleaning effect.

Gorilla Graphene imparts an ultra hard, inert, durable coating that is several micron thick and produces a deep, reflective, mirror-like shine and highly slick surface. Long lasting hydrophobic action. To maintain the hydrophobic effect, use Graphene Spray Detailer after washing surface.


Shake well before use. Saturate a suede applicator or similar with numerous drops of material from the dripper bottle. Apply the coating to a 3x3 ft² area of the vehicle using a cross-hatch pattern with slight overlap to level the product. Allow the coating to cure for 1-2 minutes and gently remove excess product using a clean suede cloth or low nap microfiber towel. Do NOT allow coating to come in contact with water for 24-48 hours while curing - if it does, remove water promptly. Apply additional coats with at least one hour between applications or immediately following a single pass around the vehicle. Do NOT apply in direct sunlight or to a hot surface. Cure time is dependant on environmental conditions - test product on a small inconspicuous area first to gauge cure time.